Feature Films

There Is A Monster


A man is being attacked by a monster that only he can see. In post-production.


Drama with Comedy

In Pre-Production

F-150 is the story of a successful man who loses his job and is faced with dire financial problems. He makes the crazy decision to walk away from his house and its huge mortgage to live in his truck. It's a radical move but he meets interesting people along the way, discovers a talent he didn't know he had and stumbles into a love that's real.

Goodbye Girlfriends

Romantic Comedy

In Development

A young man falls in love, experiences adulting and finds himself ready for that next step. Out of nowhere he's surprised by the spirits of past loves as they torment him, tempt him and cause him to question his decision.


Noir Erotic Thriller

In Development

A voyeur, driven by lust, is surprised to find love. And doesn't see the harsh betrayal that comes with it. This story has elements of Rear Window, Body Heat and Double Indemnity.